Brine Reclaim = Going Green


It is very simple, Brine Reclaim reduces your salt usage by 25% - 35%.

Brine Reclaim is a process where we save the water softener sodium that usually goes down the drain, back into the softening system. By using our patented procedure, we save the need to create new brine or waste more water. Our Brine Reclaim procedures are field tested to save 25% - 35% in salt usage, while controlled shop testing has seen 40% savings.


Lets Go GREEN !!!

Brine Reclaim can Save You Up To ::

* 40% Reduction in Salt Usage
* 40% Reduction in Labor Cost
* 12% Reduction in Water to Sewer, Reduced Sewer Cost
* 21% Reduction of Chloride Mass to the Sewer System
* 40% Reduction of Solid Waste Generation


Just think, with Brine Reclaim you can reduce chloride emissions, conserve water, help prevent waste and pollution, PLUS save you money in Less than a YEAR!


Basic Example ::

Salt per 40lb Bag Delivered = $7 or $0.18 / lb.

Currently use 2,500 lbs of salt a month = $450
Proposed usage of 1,625 lbs of salt a month = $292

Monthly Salt Savings of $158 from Brine Reclaim
Yearly Salt Savings of $1,890 from Brine Reclaim



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