Residential Water Treatment Services


Water Tech Solutions specializes Whole House Water purification. From the time the water comes into the house; we will clean, treat, and purify the water. In addition to conditioning all your water, we do it GREEN, minimizing waste and using NO electricity.

GREENEST Water Softener on the Market Today

* NO Electricity Used = 0 Carbon Footprint

* 75% Less Water Usage = Less Impact on Natural Resources

* ONLY 2lbs of Salt per Regeneration = 4lbs LESS than Industry Best

* Metered Regeneration = Only Regenerates when Needed to Minimize Waste

* Chemical Free = Eco-Friendly System

** Dual Tank Operates 24/7 = NO Downtime

** Simple Installation = Self Install Kits Sold for Do-It-Yourselfers

** Soft Water Rinse = Longer Lasting Unit as it Cleans itself with Soft Water

** 3 Micro-Filters in each System = Removes all Small Impurities

** Connections :: 3/4"; Flow Rate :: .2 - 7 gpm;

** Small Foot Print = Can be Wall Mounted if Needed, 18" x 9.5" x 14.77" High


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Reverse Osmosis

Everyone knows we can no longer take our drinking water for granted.

* Private wells are affected by contaminants & ground conditions.
* City / Municipal Water has shown viruses, bacteria & even prescription drugs.
* Bottled Water leaches chemicals into the water and there is NO government regulation as to what goes into a bottle of water.

Make sure to contact Water Tech Solutions for your free water analysis.

Our drinking systems eliminate and get rid of all contaminants from your drinking water. Water Tech Solutions even goes one step further and can actually add minerals and nutrients to the water to make it even more healthy to drink!

Our systems can service your sinks, refrigerator, or even water cooler.